3APL as Programming Language for Cognitive Mobile Robots : implementation, demo, and user guide

Marko Verbeek

The implementation in this project consists of a connection between the 3APL interpreter and a robot control progam. The connection is made with a Java program that uses a functionlibrary (ARIA) provided by ActivMedia Robotics. These functions are used for direct control of the mobile robot's motors and sensor-units.

The Java program receives a given set of actions generated by the 3APL interpreter. The actions are executed resulting in robot's movements. Then, sensor information is gathered and a self-localization algorithm is applied to calculate the new position of the robot. The calculated position is returned to the 3APL interpreter, which will set the post-condition (effects) of the executed motor action. The program waits then for the next action (for more information on this see the thesis). The implementation was tested in a software environment and on an Active Media Pioneer 2 Robot.

The following files related to the implementation are available: