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The Robot Laboratory of the Institutue of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University.

ConGolog : ConGolog is developed to express control programs for robots and other dynamical systems. Also, it can be used for simulation and reactive control.

BOID : BOID is a cognitive agent architecture for goal generation. The goal generation component models the interaction between
agent's beliefs, obligations, intentions and desires. The ways the goals are generated depend on the type of the agent.

OSCAR : The goal of the OSCAR project is the formulation of a general theory of rationality and its implementation in an artificial rational agent. The function of artificial agents is to draw conclusions and make decisions on the basis of information supplied to them. But we do not want them to draw just any old conclusions or make just any old decisions. We want them to draw rational conclusions and make rational decisions.

IMPACT : The principal goal of the IMPACT project is to develop both a theory as well as a software implementation that facilitates the creation, deployment, interaction, and collaborative aspects of software agents in a heterogeneous, distributed environment.