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Programming Guide

Version 1.4

What-is 3APL-M?
What-is 3APL?
Software Requirements
Getting started
What-is the 3APL-M architecture?
How-to program in 3APL?
How the Deliberation Cycle works?
How to load 3APL code for execution?
How to create Sensors?
How to create Actuators?
How to implement Networking? Limitations and known issues

document 3APL-M Programming Guide

Presentation: ProMAS / AAMAS2005, Utrecht, The Netherlands

document Presentation at ProMAS 2005 WorkShop, Utrecht, The Netherland, 26-JUL-2005

Presentation: Agentlab, University of Melbourne

document Presentation at Agentlab, University of Melbourne, 15-SEP-2004

3APL-M: Platform for Lightweight Deliberative Agents
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