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Example HelloWorld

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Example: HelloWorld application for J2ME.
@author Fernando Koch, University of Utrecht

download HelloWorld.java

Example of Sensor and Actuator application

Sensor and Actuator application
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Example: Agent interacting with Clock (sensor) and Screen Form (actuator)
This simple Agent contains the knowledge to collect the data from the Sensor and forward it to the Actuator.
@author Fernando Koch, University of Utrecht

download TestMicro001.java


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Simple BlockWorld application. The Agent controls the robot in a grid and has the knowledge on where is the base and how to arrive there. The Agent interacts with the robot through the Actuator and sends commands for its movements.
@author Fernando Koch, University of Utrecht

download TestMicro003.java
download BlockWorld.java

BlockWorld in PersonalJava

iPaq Picture
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Ellaborated GUI interface for the BlockWorld application.
This demo runs in PersonalJava and has been tested on a HP iPaq.
The file blockworld_ipaq.zip contains a folder with all the necessary files. If you plan to install it on an iPAQ, copy the folder to the root folder of the device. It contains all the necessary libraries, executable and a batch file to start the application
The file blockworld_win.zip contains the executable compiled for Windows!
@author Anton Kattan and Fernando Koch, University of Melbourne

download blockworld_ipaq.zip (1.8Mb)
download blockworld_win.zip (110Kb)

Wumpus World

Wumpus World
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Wumpus World Screenshots
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This is a ellaborated example for the renowned Wumpus World game. The application integrates 3APL, Prolog and Java. The 3APL program is responsible for the deliberation. The world definition is done using the Prolog file. The Java code is responsible for the complex interface interaction.
@author Alfredo Enmanuel Rico Moros, Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira, Venezuela

download Wumpus World source code (233Kb)
download Wumpus World for J2ME (124Kb)
download 3APL code for Wumpus World
download Prolog code for Wumpus World (configuration file)
download Java code for Wumpus World (configuration file)

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